Biology How Life Works 3rd Edition James Morris TEST BANK


Test Bank for Biology How Life Works 3rd Edition James Morris, Elena Lozovsky, ISBN:9781319264987, ISBN:9781319017637



Biology How Life Works 3rd Edition James Morris TEST BANK

Test Bank for Biology How Life Works 3rd Edition James Morris, Daniel Hartl, Andrew Knoll, Robert Lue, Melissa Michael, Andrew Berry, Andrew Biewener, Brian Farrell, N. Michele Holbrook, Jean Heitz, Mark Hens, John Merrill, Randall Phillis, Debra Pires, Elena Lozovsky, ISBN: 9781319342920, ISBN:9781319206918, ISBN:9781319264987, ISBN:9781319017637

Table of Contents
1. Life: Chemical, Cellular and Evolutionary Foundations

2. The Molecules of Life
3. Nucleic Acids and Transcription
4. Translation and Protein Structure
5. Organizing Principles: Lipids, Membranes, and Cell Compartments
6. Making Life Work: Capturing and Using Energy
7. Cellular Respiration: Harvesting Energy from Carbohydrates and Other Fuel Molecules
8. Photosynthesis: Using Sunlight to Build Carbohydrates

9. Cell Signaling
10. Cell and Tissue Architecture: Cytoskeleton, Cell Junctions, and Extracellular Matrix
11. Cell Division: Variations, Regulation, and Cancer

12. DNA Replication and Manipulation
13. Genomes
14. Mutation and Genetic Variation
15. Mendelian Inheritance
16. Inheritance of Sex Chromosomes, Linked Genes, and Organelles
17. The Genetic and Environmental Basis of Complex Traits
18. Genetic and Epigenetic Regulation
19. Genes and Development

20. Evolution: How Genotypes and Phenotypes Change Over Time
21. Species and Speciation
22. Evolutionary Patterns: Phylogeny and Fossils
23. Human Origins and Evolution

24. Bacteria and Archaea
25. Eukaryotic Cells: Origins And Diversity
26. Being Multicellular

27. Plant Form, Function, and Evolutionary History
28. Plant Reproduction: Finding Mates and Dispersing Offspring
29. Plant Growth and Development
30. Plant Defense
31. Plant Diversity
32. Fungi

33. Animal Form, Function, and Evolutionary History
34. Animal Nervous Systems
35. Animal Movement: Muscles and Skeletons
36. Animal Endocrine Systems
37. Animal Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems
38. Animal Metabolism, Nutrition, and Digestion
39. Animal Renal Systems: Water and Waste
40. Animal Reproduction and Development
41. Animal Immune Systems
42. Animal Diversity

43. Behavior and Behavioral Ecology
44. Population Ecology
45. Species Interactions and Communities
46. Ecosystem Ecology
47. Biomes and Global Ecology
48. The Anthropocene: Humans as a Planetary Force